Polish Culture

am going to introduce you to the Polish Culture, I hope you get to learn about Poland and get some GREAT information well reading this. I mean know I did, considering I knew nothing about Poland until I started this project. Its good to know about my background!!


Polands national colors are white and red, the white represents peace and honesty.
As for the red it represents hardiness, bravery, strength and valour. The
flags mean alot about your country, and this one has a meaning
behind it.


Polish Castles, there are still many Castles in Poland.
These Castles were used for the King and Queen of Poland, also to protect.
If you were to visit poland today, you would still find a few of these castles around.


Polish food, polish sausage is very important and very good too yumm, haha.
Sauerkraut is another famous food in Poland
(not a big fan of that though) and in this picture there are a few
other foods involved but im am not for sure of what they are.
Polish people eat well :]

Polish Traditions and Customs:
Some Polish Traditions are that Poles spend alot of time with their familes, they are often humorous and entertaining. Poles are seen as a nation of fun lovers who enjoy having fun. Polish Culture pretty much celebrates many of the holidays, seasons, etc. as the United States does, with the exception of a few different holidays. A holiday that they celebrate is called Corpus processions and All Saints' Day, which is Thanksgiving for many people, the poles feast on this day. Polish Culture also celebrates a womens day, which is a celebration for the economic, political and social acheviments of women. I also found out that on christmas Polish people hang their christmas tree upside down, "doing something the polish way" came from the hanging of christmas trees upside down. People say that the upside christmas tree represents the Fir Tree to describe the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit which is really fascinating that there is soo much meaning to this one simple tradition!

The Poles celebrate with many festivals, Carnivals and more which is what they are known for. They have many of these festivals and carnivals throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. Lets just say the Poles know how to have some fun :P

Some interesting facts about Poland:
-The population of poland is around 38 million
-The Poles speak Slavic language and have a special fondness for english (most popular foregin language english)
-Paper cut outs from poland is reowned throughout the world for their artistic ingenuity
-These paper cut outs could be colorful cut outs of flowers or scenes taken from a daily life work, cut outs are a genuinely spontaneous creation that people have a blast with.
-Polish dinning is a perfect of the warmth in the polish culture
-Poles are very fond to the company of others and love to show affection
-"Ty" is english for "you" in polish

This culture is very unquie and im glad i had this oppertunity to learn more about it, and i hope to visit Poland sometime in my life, well thats it for now. It may not be the most intersting topic, but like i said at the top its good to know about my background :]