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Volleyball is something you just don’t learn when you wake up and get out of bed. It takes a lot of skill and speed to be the best. It may look easy, but when you get onto the court it’s very hard and nerve racing. I guess there are different aspects of volleyball. It matters how you see volleyball. Like for me, yeah I play I know everything that needs to be done, but that dose not mean I’m the best. Other people see it as oh you play volleyball; you sit on a court and hit a ball. In reality there is more to it than you know. You have to know how to hit the ball a certain way, the way your positioned, your stenches and weaknesses ect.I like the fact that boys say volleyball is nothing compared football. We work just as hard as them, and most likey do as much as amout of stuff, they just have a bigger feild.

The skills you need to know for basic volleyball is just a simple bump, set, serve. As you grow into vollyeball you start to learn the harder stuff. Its still a simple bump set serve, but theres also a spike. For the hard technique you learn more about posion and how to control the ball. For a bump yoy get to a point where you can control it and by that you can hit it whereever you want either its over the net or to another team mate. For setting its the same thing, but as you grow to it your positiing is differnt and you can control the ball. You also get to the point where in beginer you have too have your hands in a diomand but as you go its just a habite for you to do it instead of thinking of it. For serve you start at underhand, and go to over hand, then jump serve. But jump serving is for more higher skilled people.


The types of uniforms wearied are usually spandex, and a shirt with your logo, your school mascot, and the colors of your school. I guess it all matters on what type of volleyball you play either club or school. For school I already mentioned what kind of stuff you use or is on your shirts, but for club its kind of the same thing but you don’t have mascots so its whatever your logo is and the color, and you also put on what your club name is called. There are also different types of shoes.