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Photography is more than just a photo, it is a work of art. Some thing that can make your mind wonder and think about things that never occured to you. Photogrpahy is unique because you can capture moments that you may never see again in person but, at least you will have that photo for a memory. The shots may not all ways come out clear but it's still a great thing to see. Photography is my life, I take my camera with me just about everywhere. I am a risk-taker when it comes to photography because I will risk just about anything to get a good shot. I put the risk of even dropping my camera out the window trying to get a picture on the freeway. At times I have my mom drive a certain way because i know of good places to get nice shots of the sky, trees, and just nature in general. Climbing though a ton of woods just to get a nice shot of a railroad track but in the picture it is more than just a track for transportation it is that amazing thought and imaginatino you can get out of the photo, it looks as if the tracks never stop.

Some Unique Things About Photography!! :D

1.) You can edit the photos how ever you wish to using photoshop.
2.) You can take so many photos and still find it entertaining, well if your into it.
3.) Moments can be captured and perserved, they may be really special moments because you may never see it again.