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Duranguense music is regional Mexican music. It is not violent muic, instead it is a form of happy,love,harmony, fast paced, kind of dancing music. Instruments used for this kind of music are very simple which are the saxaphone, electronic keyboard, snare, bass and the guitar. The way its dance is very hard, the beat is very energetic to dance to. Its more like a two step dance, but with the running around at the same time. Duranguense music involves the hips, neck, arms and legs to really move fast. You'll probably get tired the first couple of times you do it. Bands as well as fans dress in traditional guayaberas (button down shirts), of full fitted western suits, with cowboy boots and matching leather belt, topped with a "taco" hat (simonett). Duranguense literally relates to a state in northwestern Mexico Duranguo. It is now popular in U.S, but it started its popularity in Chicago. It is also closely related to the Mexican style Banda and Norteno. Duranguense music focuses on El Tamborazo which is the bass drum. This is how duranguense music is sound :


Duranguense music is my favorite type of music because I enjoy dancing duranguense, and I also like the rythm. There are more types of music I like, such as Banda, Corridos and cumbia. But duranguense is my favorite one, especially when its all about Alacranes Musical. Alacranes Musicla is a mexican band most of the members where born in Aurora Illinois. They were named after the scorpion, the symbol of Mexican State of Durango. As you can see on the top of my page you can see an image of a scorpion (alacran) and a image of Alacranes Musical, were you can Notice that Alacranes Muscal where named After the scorpion.

guillermo2[1].jpg This Right here is Guillermo Ibarra He was born in Aurora, Illinois, but his parents are from Zacatecas,Mexico. He considered himself 100% mexican. He is one of the Vocalist of Alacranes Musical. l Love the way he and omar sings.

Oma1r[1].jpgThis right here is Omar Sanchez he was also born in Aurrora, illinois and considered himself 100% Mexican.

This three bands that you see below are other bands that I like, but there are still more.