mecico_love.jpgAlthough i am only about half mexican i have a lot of hispanic traditions.

This is the Mexican flag. There are a lot of meaning to it. The green represents the independence movement and hope. The white area represents purity and the Catholic faith. The red section represents the blood shed for their fight for independence and the union.
Pinata's are a fun tradtion of celebration. The original pinata's were six point stars, but now we have many other shapes. The pinatas are filled with candy and goodies. The young children are blind folded and spun around a few times. Then they are handed a stick and get a few hits at the pinata to break it open and enjoy the goodies inside.

Guacamole is a popular mexican treat. Many use them as appetizers before a feast and others always have then around the house.
SOCCER is the main mexican sport! We are known for our swift feet movements and our unique ball handeling.