Cora.jpg - Modeling has been a very important thing that I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was younger. Modeling is very important to me because I feel like I have the qualities and the potential to become one. I took this picture because I was just goofing around and it’s random but I take pictures that look professional like this one below.


♪╙╠ҜĄŚŠίЄ Ĵ╣╜♪

-The reason I took this picture was because I was on this whole photoshoot type of thing and I was told to pose so this is what I did. I thought this picture was really cute and I chose to put it on here because it captures my natural beauty. I took this and it became my favorite because I look calm and relaxed which I was, plus I really like the earrings. (Lol)! Modeling is a great profession because you can have fun on top of making great money!

Kassie J. Baybe’

-This Picture displays my height. It shows my legs and how tall I am and that’s what modeling industries are interested in. When I do the whole modeling thing I like to pretend I’m my alter ego who’s name is Kassie J. When I think of myself as Kassie J. it makes me feel like I can be anything I know that’s kind of funny but I’m serious. Kassie J. is the best and she will become a model if she wants to (Which is Me!)



-All these pictures right here are just pictures that I’ve decided to put on here. The reason that I put these pictures on here is to show that I am tall and that I take Cute/Great pictures. I like Modeling and you’re interested like I am you should try to become one, but Thanks for visiting my page hope you,

E N J O Y E d!

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