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Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Magaña was born on July 13 1985, in Mexico, Guadalajara. He is a Mexican footballer best known as a goalkeeper in the Club América in the Primera División de México. At the age of 18 years old, Ochoa made his debut with Club América, during the Clausura 2004 tournament against CF Monterrey. Ochoa quickly demonstrated his skill and talent as a goalie, and the young goalkeeper was thrust into the spotlight to replace injured veteran Adolfo Rios. He would then share the starting job with Rios after he recovered from his aforementioned injury. When the Apertura 2004 season began, Ochoa was thought to be the heir apparent to Ríos, who had retired.Recently FIFA named him as the 11th best goalkeeper of the world, and the best goalkeeper of Mexico with just 23 years of age.

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After Hugo Sanchez retired from the Mexican national team, he had already established a legacy of a prolific striker and many expected that a new Mexican attacker would rise to the challenge and become the leader of the national side. At the same time Sanchez retired, a young defender shyly made his way into the senior Mexican side, at age 18. Rafael Marquez, would soon become the leader of the Mexican team, despite all odds and despite the fact that he wasn't a striker as many expected the next Mexican team leader to be.Marquez started playing soccer for Mexican side CF Atlas de Guadalajara, making a name for himself early on, as his physical constitution recommended him as a powerful defender and a hot prospect for the club and the mexican soccer team. Being 21 years old, Marquez already had 4 seasons' experience as a professional soccer player, was an important member of Monaco and the mexico national side and had won the French league, feats that some players don’t manage to achieve in an entire career.Marquez managed to gain a solid first team place quickly and despite the fact that he's currently in his 4 season with the Spanish club, he rarely felt this position threatened. Helping Barcelona become one of the top European clubs had its fair share of rewards for the Mexican footballer. Silverware and honors started pouring in, Barca winning the spanish league two times, in 2005 and 2006, the Spanish Super Cup in 2005 and 2006 and the UEFA Champions League in 2006, which is the "World Cup" of club soccer and the performance peak that any soccer player dreams of.

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The 19 year-old graduate of the Atlas Academy took the field for the first time in the 4th game of this year’s Apertura, and by the 7th game he was installed as the starting mid-fielder on the left side. The Academia is renowned for developing top-notch talent for the parent club. One its more recent graduates is Rafael Marquez. Guardado has since been called up for every friendly in 2006, and has taken advantage of the opportunity. Playing on the left side of the formation, Guardado has deft touch on his centering passes, and has good accuracy on his shooting. The weight of the national team shirt does not seem to bother him at all. He sees the field well, which allows him to take a few more risks. He also hustles back to recover possession. Lavolpe himself has said that the youngster is making a strong case to be included on the final list.

This is a part of my culture because. Where i come from soccer is very important. I was not so interested in soccer until 6th grade. I practiced very had until i bacame better. when i was little i thought it was boring. All i thought was that u would run and pass the ball around i saw no point to it. But now i dont see as the same way. The players up top are players that play for Mexico and one of my favorite teams, America the mexican soccer team. These players are very good and the goalie plays for my favorite team Amerca. The second player up there is a defender. That is the position i play. That is also my favorite number. The last player is a midfield. He plays with mexico he is also a lefty