Soccer is not just a sport or any typical, physical activity for me and for people through out the world. Soccer, or more rather called football in other parts of the world, is a very popular sport played all over the world. It is especially played in Europe and Central-South America, and it's getting popular in the U.S. Soccer is not just any sensational sport, soccer is an addicting hubby that will make you much energetic, reflexive, and healthy of coarse.
In soccer there is also equipment in order to play. These are a pair of soccer shoes, shinguard's, and the uniform; a shirt, short's and socks representing your team colors. Soccer cleats are more preferable when playing outdoors so that way you wont slip in the grass, especially in wet weather conditions.
Soccer has been in my life ever since i can remember. I've been in soccer teams even while i was 5 years old. When you're in a soccer team, you must attend to plenty of soccer practices, or else you'll have to face the consequences, like not playing in the next game, or having negative physical conditions; lack of running, lack of control of the ball, etc. In my soccer team, our teammates and I must attend soccer practice at least three times a day for at least two hours or so. Going to practice's also has its stupendous results. From my practice's experiences, I know i have improve on my running stamina. I have more accuracy, speed, and balance. I also have a lot better control of the ball, dribbling and better shooting.

Watching soccer in television is also a big part of every soccer lover's soccer culture. I always watch my favorite soccer team, Chivas De Guadalajara, during the weekends. It is very entertaining, and sometimes you can learn a little something from it. Their victories always make a big smile on my face. And like many soccer fans through out the world, I'm also expecting to watch the World Cup. The world cup is the biggest football event, it is only played every 4 years and 32 qualified countries play against one another till there is only one remaining.
For me, Soccer is not just something you can do for exercise, or any typical physical activity. For me it is something full of joy. It gives me joy when my favorite soccer team scores a goal, as the ball hits the back of the net, sets the crowd loose, and lets me and the fans scream in joy, as I finally let go what I've been holding in my hands through the whole game. It makes me happy to see the opponent's team sad and finished as they hang their heads down in disgrace while the coach is yelling at them (: