Basketball Culture
Michael Jordan is one of the best NBA players to ever play the game of basketball. He is looked up to by many of the player that play today. Michael jordan is one of the main people you think of when you think about basketball. Michael jordan didn't even make his high school basketball team when he first tried out, and it goes to show that if you fail at something the first time and keep practicing to get better, and to also never give up. Basketball isn't just about putting a ball into a basket but its much more than that. Basketball is about working together, and having to keep your attitude good on and off the court.


I think that i belong with basketball culture because i am always playing and am always trying new things to get better. I also believe that i am part of basketball culture because i was on reagans baketball team and that was a part of my culture because i was dedicaded to going to practice everyday and going to all the games. I loveplaying the sport but also watching the game being played. My favorite NBA player is Lebron James, i think he is the best player in the NBA right now he is just a great player to watch.


There are different things about basketball that makes it different than everything else. Its different by the way its played because there is no other sport that is like this one. Basketball is also unigue by what they wear, the wear a jersey with their number last name and the team that they play for, they also wear shorts and basketball shoes. There are many different things that make the sport of basketball unique but everyone can play it and there are people all around the world today that play basketball and enjoy the sport. Something else that makes basketball unique is just the players, basketball players are some of the best athletes in the world and many of them are looked up to.