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This is the soccer team that I play for. I play for Mequon Soccer Club on the U14 Premier Boys. I play starting RF (Right Forward) or starting LW (Left Wing). My team is very good. We are the number 2 team in Wisconsin and the 36th best team in Region 2. 36 might sound like a big number but being ranked 36 in Region 2 is very good. Especially becasue it is out of about 500 teams around the country! There are 4 Regions of teams around the country in the league that I play for. The National Soccer League is when you combine these 4 Regions and your team will get ranked nation wide. My team is Ranked 302 nation wide, which is out of 5000 club teams. My team has won 5 championships since July 2009. We've won the Waunakee Cup, Mequon Fall Cup, both Brookfield Indoor League sessions, which we never lost a game in, and the Wisconsin Premier Cup. We also have a championship game today (March 1) for WCA (Wisconsin Career Academy). Another league where we haven't lost a game. My team hasn't lost a game since October 18, and the was the most important game of all our seasons. If we would of won the game we would be number 1 in Wisconsin, but we only had 11 players that game, which is the minimum amount of players needed to play, and we ended up losing 3-2. So because of that were stuck being number 2 in Wisconsin until September when the next Wisconsin Cup starts again.

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I think that Ryan Braun is the best baseball player in the MLB, besides Albert Pujols. No one talks about Braun, but he has won many awards and has broke many records already in only 3 year in the MLB. Ryan Braun is the most under-rated player and I think this is because he plays for Milwaukee. Just by watching Ryan Braun play Baseball on tv has made me a better baseball player, and I don't even play baseball. I only play for fun, but watching Braun play has inspired me to join a team. I think that sometime in his 7 year contract with the Brewers, Braun will bring a World Series to the Milwaukee!

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Real Madrid is my favorite professional soccer team. They are arguebly the best soccer team in the world and have many of the world's best soccer players on there team (Cristiano Ronaldo, Robeto Kaka, Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema etc.). Cristiano Ronaldo (Top row last player on the right), my favorite soccer player, also plays for Real Madrid and he is also the best soccer player in the world!

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I'm also intrested in football. I don't play in as much because I always busy with other sports, but I do play football whenever I have a chance. Defense is my favorite part about football. When I played football I always wanted to play on defense but I was had to play RB (Running Back) because of my speed. Eventually I did get to play defense and I usally played CB ( Corner Back) but I sometimes played FS (Free Safety). I just like how defense is played. I like to see hard hits and tackles, great interceptions returned for Touchdowns and more. My favorite defenses are the Pittsburg Steelers, Green Bay Packers, Baltiomore Ravens, and the New York Jets. As you can see I enjoy watching Troy Polamalu and Charles Woodson, but I as have other defensive players that I enjoy watching such as James Harrison, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Shawn Merriman, and Dwight Freeney.

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Besides LeBron James, Dwyane Wade is the best player in the NBA. HE'S BETTER THAN KOBE!! Wade is a little bit short (6'4) compared to all the dynamic players in the NBA which is why a lot of people say he's not as good as them. But for his height he is extremlly good. If he was about 4 to 5 inches taller he would be better then LeBron James! He was amazing speed which is how he got the nickname "Flash" and a tremndous ability to drive the lane and take the ball in to the hoop for a dunk. He also has one of the best jump-shots in the NBA and is a great dunker for his height.

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