Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant also known as the Black Mamba is known as the next Jordan.He came to the NBA very early straight out high school as youngest player to ever play pro ball.He won 4 nba rings in 13 years and averges 28.6 points for his career.Many people look up to him as a basketball legend up their with the top 10 greatest basket ball players.He's broke records and placed 2nd for most points in a game with 81pts.He's now the face of the nba known as Mr. clutch when it come down o the buzzer beater. this all he acomplished over his 13 years of being a pro 4× NBA Champion(2000, 2001, 2002, 2009)NBA Finals MVP(2009)NBA Most Valuable Player(2008)12× NBA All-Star(1998, 20002010)2× NBA Scoring Champion(20062007)7× All-NBA First Team(20022004, 20062009)2× All-NBA Second Team(20002001)2× All-NBA Third Team(1999, 2005)7× All-Defensive First Team(2000, 20032004, 20062009)2× All-Defensive Second Team(20012002)NBA All-Rookie Second Team(1997)3× NBA All-Star Game MVP(2002, 2007, 2009 NBA Slam Dunk Champion(1997)Naismith Prep Player of the. Bryant is a shooting guard who is capable of playing the small forward position. He is considered one of the most complete players in the NBA has been selected to every All-NBA Team since 1999, and has been featured in the last eleven NBA All-Star games. Sports writers and sports casters have frequently compared Bryant to Michael Jordan, a comparison he does not like being made.In 2007, an ESPN poll of sportswriters voted him as the second best shooting guard in NBA history behind Jordan.

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