This video shows how most of the rap music portray women as?????

This video deals with everyday life and its' effects???

Hip-Hop Culture!!!

external image hiphop1.jpg​These are some of the pictures of Hip-Hop legends.
What does this so called thing "Hip-Hop" really means to you? How much do you know about it? What's its history or what affect does it have on you? "Hip-Hop" is more than just a word, it has its' own world! There are different variety of hip-hop, such as break dancing, graffiti writing, rapping, and many more. It usually consists of fast paced dance moves and rapping. Hip-Hop can be expressed by clothing, such as Googi, Apple Bottoms, Nike, Reebok, and many others. Most importantly, it expresses daily problems people face.

Hip-Hop started in the city of Bronx by a DJ named Cool Herc. Herc started out by attending house parties and doing hand rhyming. After awhile, it started becoming popular in the cities of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Now Hip-Hop is known nation wide. Hip-Hop rap expresses daily situations/issues that people face. It includes daily problems such as living/getting out of the ghetto and selling drugs. Most importantly, rap songs often conclude violence, lack of respect for women, and name calling. Rap started with putting words on a piece of paper to making an album out of it. Nation wide millions of copies are being sold every year.

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Graffiti is a form of art that is done on property with or without permission. For example, if you do graffiti on your own property it is legal and if you do it someone else’s property without permission than its illegal. Graffiti is a type of writing, drawing, or symbols applied to any surface. To create graffiti, people use materials such as car paint, spray paint, crayons, and permanent ink. Graffiti can occur anywhere, such as:
· Public and private buildings
· On playground equipments
· Bridges and overpasses
Public transit property and vehicles

external image 1164659292_bboy.jpgexternal image Break_Dancing_by_uzey.jpgexternal image Break_dance_by_Swakoo.jpgexternal image nate-mendehlson.jpg

Break dancing is a form of dance move that is done in a very fast paced. Usually the dancers will start off with what they call “top rocking” and then go down on the floor and perform a “6-step or 4-step move” using their whole body. One popular move in "break dancing" is known as "Floor Lock". In this dance move dancers support themselves on one hand while spinning their bodies around and kicking out their legs. When completing their routine, they freeze their last move. The breakdancer usaully holds their last move, about two to three seconds.

To me Hip-hop is a form of art that can be good or bad. I think that it can have a good or bad influence on males. The main reason I think this way is because, when it comes to Hip-Hop rap, media portrays that in order for males of all ages to be cool, hard, or a real man , is to have cars, money, drugs, and girls. Most importantly, males needs to hate or have no connection with any homophobic males.