Screamo started in the late 60's when a guy named Sam Lee discovered how to make his vocal chords scream in such a way. The first type of screamo music is nothing like we know it today it actually started out with only two instruments a piano and violin which is a wierd combination compared to today because now
there is a guitar, drums, keys,vocals/lyrics,guitar/vocals, and bass :) Screamo is my favorite type of music because its really fun to listen to. And people also try doing covers of screamo music as a challenge because it takes a while for the screamers voice to adjust.
Thats my favorite band :D=
The Devil Wears Prada
In California in the early 1990's, gravity records from the San Diego released many defining records screamo is said to be very emotional music, for emo people which is stupid its just a genre of music so dont lable it.

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thats pretty much what the girls would dress like :) or at least thats what i have seen.

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My favorite song from The Devil Wears Prada is
HTML Rulez d00d

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